Loyal Help.

Loyal Help is a secure Web Portal for Apartments/Gated Communities/Societies/Villas to assist in managing day to day operations efficiently. Each Costumer can get help instantly from through efficient communication channel built in the portal. Operations from daily facility maintenance to society accounts can be done quick and simple.

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Society Website

  • Loyal Help will provide Standard / Customized website for your Apartment Complex / Association / Society.
  • Administrator(s) of the Society can modify the content and publish it so that all visitors to the site can view public information like Logo, Address, facilities, images etc.
  • Information or directions to the complex / society and also Nearby Land Marks
  • Our dedicated support team can provide constant support and enhancements to your site if required.
  • Multiple Administrators

  • Any association or Society will have multiple members as part of Committee. So, Loyalhelp will allow multiple administrators to access simultaneously.
  • Even employees of association can be assigned with Administrator role to send notices or update maintenance fees.
  • Loyalhelp will clearly track all the updated with specific user id so that it can be used in Future for tracking purpose.
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    Notice Board

  • Loyalhelp Members will never miss a notice using our revolutionary Notice Board.
  • Apart from organizing your notices in Admin, General and Co member order, Loyalhelp provide a unique way to send alerts and reminders of your notices to your phones and email.
  • Feature to add your personal comments, status and expiry dates.
  • Events

  • All published events like Festivals / Parties will be published in the calendar automatically.
  • Members can set alerts for specific events that interest them.
  • Feature to add your personal comments, status and expiry dates.
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    Photo Gallery

  • Share Photos of Festivals / Parties / Events.
  • Create multiple Albums and upload Photos.
  • Easy photo sharing for "Public" or personal use.
  • Help Desk

  • A one stop place to get help from your society for all your needs and issues.
  • Easy way to track your new, old and work in Progress problem tickets or issues.
  • Easy way to give your feedback on Society's service.
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  • Monthly / Onetime Special Maintenance Fees Modules
  • Maintenance Dues List
  • Complete Income / Expenses Tracking .
  • Publishing complete report for transparency across all members .
  • Documents

  • Repository of documents like Sale deed, fee receipts etc.
  • Ability to upload & publish documents by administrators for Admin only use or Public or specific flats.
  • Download / print uploaded documents anytime.
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  • Create conversations with other flat members / admins.
  • Express / respond to other messages.
  • Broadcast important information / updates.
  • Classifieds

  • Publish Ads to buy / sell items / services.
  • View ads posted by other members of the community.
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    Car Pooling

  • Create carpool / rideshare with similar travel needs.
  • Share Travel, Cost and peaceful journey with Cabs / Taxi pooling.
  • Save MONEY, Save environment and office commute with like minded people.
  • Vendors

  • Manage service providers of the community like Electricians, Plumbers, Lift maintenance etc.
  • Quality of service for each vendor can be rated.
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    Useful Contacts

  • Manage List of service providers, other useful contacts in the community.
  • Rate quality of service of each contact.
  • Mobile Phones

  • Smart phones – Android / iPhone.
  • Tablets – Android enabled or iPad.
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